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Obama’s DHS Surveils Legit Protesters On May 21, 2012, we published Spencer Mandel’s article, “I Spy An Occupy: Obama’s DHS Surveils Legit Protesters.”

The response was tremendous. About 10,000 of you shared it via Facebook, directly or indirectly, and hundreds of thousands read the story as it was widely republished across the web. So we know there’s a demand and a need for this kind of journalism. We also know that the big corporations and foundations funding 99 percent of “news” are not going to underwrite coverage of government spying and the Occupy movement.

That’s why we do the work ourselves, independently.

WhoWhatWhy is a lean, effective nonprofit that is not beholden to anyone. We don’t just run opinion pieces—we do real reporting, real research, real analysis, and we give our work away for free…in other words, we do a lot and don’t ask for much. But we would like to ask you if you will do your part.

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