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How the Media Conned the Public into Loving the FBI: Book Review

A review of “Hoover’s FBI and the Fourth Estate: The Campaign to Control the Press and the Bureau’s Image” by Matthew Cecil.

The Cruel Cost of Extreme Dog Breeding

You wouldn’t expect to find animal cruelty among those who claim to love animals most—those who proudly breed and show off pets. But show breeders want their dogs to stand out from the crowd. As a result, we are seeing more dogs bred to develop exaggerated features, leaving the animals in chronic pain, or with respiratory issues, heart defects, and even seizures.

Blogging Can Be Dangerous to Your Freedom

Roger Shuler spent the last few months staring at cell bars. Now, he’s out. But the question is—why was a blogger who took on a scion of Alabama’s Republican party placed in jail in the first place?

Why We Don’t Get—and Don’t Want to Hear—the Truth

As we debate what we will and will not consider possible, it’s instructive to revisit the words of a White House occupant who discovered evil in high places, but realized why very few will listen. Here are former national security official Gary Sick’s conclusions about the media and society.

A News Anchor’s Resignation. Why?

The story behind the story: Liz Wahl and her high-profile fallout with the Kremlin’s Russia Today.

Part 3: Death and Suffering, in Living Color

In the final part of our series, the story of the color film of Hiroshima and Nagasaki that was locked and hidden from Americans—and even the Japanese—for decades. Frame by frame, the footage captured the horrors. If not for certain people, almost no one would have ever seen it.

Insights from the Counterculture, Part 3: Abbie Hoffman

Our series of collected quotes from leading writers of the Counterculture. Now, the words of Abbie Hoffman…

Part 2: How They Hid the Worst Horrors of Hiroshima

The second installment of our series on how the worst devastation caused by the Atomic bomb was deliberately concealed from Americans for decades.

Part 1: Atomic Devastation Hidden For Decades

The people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki suffered unspeakable horrors. But some in the U.S. government didn’t want Americans to see all of it. The first in a three-part series.

WGBH-TV in Boston interviews Russ Baker on “Danny”

TV journalist Emily Rooney recently interviewed WhoWhatWhy’s Russ Baker about “Danny,” the mysterious carjacking victim in the Boston Marathon case. A point-by-point breakdown of big discrepancies Baker uncovered during an exclusive investigation of Danny’s story.
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