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White House Security Goes to the Dogs

Once again, a supposed lone nut has leapt over the White House fence. This one didn’t make it into the White House like the last intruder—security dogs took him down. Here’s a look at the increasingly long list of breaches piling up at President Obama’s White House.

Cuba Ebola hero, atheist scores, GOP con returns—and more headlines

• Cuba leads in Ebola relief

• $2 million award to atheist who nixed prison religious program

• GOP ‘con’ man surfaces in close CO election

And more headlines…

America’s Policy: War Now, Justifications Later

When describing threats to American national security, the go-to word for U.S. officials is “imminent.” The definition behind that term of art isn’t a standard one, though. And it often amounts to a license to kill.

What Venezuela’s UN Seat Illuminates About US Hypocrisy

Venezuela’s ascendancy to the UN Security Council is prompting a fusillade of criticism from the U.S. That’s predictable enough. But the media coverage of Venezuela’s human rights record reveals an interesting aspect of America—selective national blindness about the very same record at home.

fbiPhone: This Violates Your Privacy. Again.

FBI Director James Comey, with a straight face, is arguing that the encryption in new iPhones and other mobile devices is so powerful that it’s hindering crime-fighting. He’s even given this latest purported public safety threat a menacing new name: “Going Dark.” Your selfies may never be safe again.

New Fukushima terror, Voter Fraud Fraud, Michelle dances with turnip—and more headlines

• New Fukushima disaster ignored by MSM

• “Voter fraud” is…a fraud, says Reagan judge

• Michelle Obama dances with a turnip

And more headlines…

What You Missed About the Secret Service Director’s Resignation

Secret Service Director Julia Pierson’s resignation—really a firing—is unusual in the star-crossed history of the agency assigned to protect the president. But it isn’t that way for the reason you think. Glass ceilings aside, Pierson will be remembered for a big and unintended reform at the top of the agency: actually paying the price for failure.

A Trillion Ways To Build a New Military Industrial Complex

If you’d invested a trillion dollars in something, you’d definitely want a positive return. Yet the latest iteration of the military industrial complex, exemplified by the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, seems only to have produced more war, more terrorism, more surveillance and more presidential protection blunders. You can blame it on 9/11, but the blueprints were already there.

Bid to Solve 9/11 Mystery Via NYC Ballot Ends After Court Ruling

A referendum asking New York City voters to approve a new investigation into the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 won’t make it to the November ballot after all. The High-Rise Safety Initiative has decided not to appeal a New York Supreme Court judge’s ruling dismissing its petition. But the group hasn’t given up its push to shed more light on the building’s fate despite the odds.

Please Subsidize Marriott, Fossil Fuels Doomed, Cost of Destructive Kid—and More Headlines

• Fossil fuel industry doomed, says big bank

• Marrriott and Shriver want you to subsidize maids

• A destructive (comic) kid’s tab toted up

And more headlines…

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