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Classic WHO: FBI Knew About Saudi 9/11 hijacker Ties, But Lied to Protect “National Security”

Here’s a repost of one of our most popular—and explosive—pieces of original reporting for your enjoyment: WhoWhatWhy Editor-in-Chief Russ Baker’s scoop about how the FBI knew for a decade about connections between powerful Saudi interests and the 9/11 hijackers, and lied about it in the name of national security.

Pitchforks Coming for Us Plutocrats, Says Tycoon—and More Headlines

• Pitchforks coming for us plutocrats, says tycoon

• Max Blumenthal on Israeli right wing

• Snowden says can handle Guantanamo

And more headlines…

EXCLUSIVE: The Counterinsurgency War on—and Inside—Our Borders

A Mexican military chopper’s flight into U.S. airspace last month isn’t a rare occurrence. It’s part of growing counterinsurgency war against drug traffickers on the U.S.-Mexico border, where the lines between law enforcement and the military are blurring. An exclusive investigation by WhoWhatWhy in partnership with WikiLeaks.

Germans Consider Manual Typewriters to Stump NSA—and more headlines

• Germans consider manual typewriters to stump NSA

• Earth just finished warmest quarter ever

• GOPer proposes bringing policy “down to a woman’s level”

And more headlines…

After $40 Billion, America’s Biggest Nuclear Dump Is Still Leaking

Begun in 1989, America’s biggest radioactive contamination waste site—run by the Department of Energy—has cost taxpayers roughly $40 billion so far and may take another 40 years and an additional $100 billion before the cleanup is done, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. And critics argue workers are getting sick while waste is still leaking.

Meet the Self-Guiding Bullet—and More Headlines

• Did U.S. cause Latin American violence that sent kids rushing to border?

• U.S. tests revolutionary self-guiding bullet

• New study finds GMO health risks

And more headlines…

Four in Ten Bostonians Skeptical of Official Marathon Bombing Account

A poll in Boston turned up a surprising finding—42 percent of those polled are unsure if Boston Marathon Bombing suspect Dzohkhar Tsarnaev is guilty. That’s a shock given the dominant media narrative that says he’s guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Yet the case is still full of lots of contradictions and unanswered questions that beg for answers.

Childrens’ border surge fueled by gang killings—and more headlines

• Latin childrens’ U.S. border surge fueled by gang killings

• U.S. read email of American lawyers of Islamic heritage

• Half of kids paid by tech billionaire to quit school ready to go back

And more headlines…

Tusks for Terrorists: Ivory, Elephant Poaching and the War on Terror

African terrorist groups are funding themselves through the sale of ivory from illegally slaughtered elephants. That connection is giving the fight against poaching a martial makeover, styled after the wars on drugs and terrorism.

Same-Sex Marriage Kids Happier, Says Study—and more headlines

• How Tea Party makes rich richer

• Did Cuba frame anti-Castro senator over hookers?

• Kids from same-sex marriages “happier and healthier,” study finds

And more headlines…

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