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BP Insider dumped dirty stocks, and more headlines

• Is shortwave radio a spy tool?

• Obama FCC guy likes cell phones on planes

• BP Gulf disaster cleanup insider dumped stocks

And more headlines…

Is America Abandoning its Bravest Heroes Yet Again?

When Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant released radioactive plumes to the air, US sailors were there to help. Now, as some grow seriously ill from illnesses consistent with radiation exposure, who is helping them?

BOOK EXCERPT: All The President’s Bankers

Journalist and author Nomi Prins sets out in a new book to answer a tantalizingly important question: Who really rules America? Read a brief excerpt of her book for a glimpse of JFK, Johnson, and what Prins calls “the financialization of foreign policy.”

Is Bulgaria the Next US-Russia Flashpoint?

As tensions in Crimea and eastern Ukraine escalate, it’s a safe bet that most Western eyes have not been on Bulgaria. Yet the country—with its seven million people—may prove to be a crucible of the confrontation between East and West.

Watch drone attacks on America, & more headlines

• What drone attacks on America would look like: Video

• Snowden asks Putin about his own surveillance ops

• Is Google search engine lousy?

And more headlines…


• Dangerous new ozone hole

• Divide California into six states?

• First Heartbleed arrest

And more headlines...


• The Marathon….North Korean style

• Tsarnaev papers, mags censored for “hidden messages”

• Gun range to offer booze

And more headlines…

“Boston Strong”—A Feel-Good Distraction From A Darker Truth?

A quick look back at some of the groundbreaking reporting WhoWhatWhy has done on the Boston bombing case—why we’ve done it, and why we believe it matters.


• Elizabeth Warren’s blunt new book on plutocrats running America

• Once “idealistic” Google major DC lobbying power now

• Insiders claim Wall Street rigged

And more headlines…

Does New Boston Bombing Report Hint at Hidden Global Intrigue?

In this lengthy review of the newly released, but selectively blacked-out, government inspectors general report on the Boston Marathon Bombing, we read carefully between the lines and find some astonishing possibilities. Including a remarkable explanation of why so very many government officials seem afraid to speak the truth, and why it seems possible to pull off an almost impossible cover-up. Here, perhaps, is why so many things about Boston’s tragedy don’t add up—and why so many people appear to be keeping their mouths shut about what they know, or at least suspect.

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