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Why Every Day is Halloween

Halloween is that time of year when the innocent don masks of monsters. But the reverse can also happen: Monsters don masks of the innocent, and not only on Halloween. Can you tell them apart?

BOSTON UPDATE: Third Tsarnaev Friend Convicted For Lying to Feds

The federal government won a conviction against a third friend of the Tsarnaev brothers, the accused Boston Marathon bombers. The successful prosecution of Robel Phillipos for making false statements to the FBI demonstrated the agency’s most effective investigative weapon, and showed that cracks in the case are no impediment to a conviction.

Bush 45 Push, How to Block Voters, Anti-Halloween Bears—and More Headlines

• Ready for “Bush 45”?

• Amazing video rant against some voters

• Polar bears block Halloween

And more headlines…

The Deep State and the Bias of Official History

How do Wall Street, oil companies and shadow government agencies like the CIA shape the order of global politics together? Author Peter Dale Scott examines that question in his forthcoming book “The American Deep State: Wall Street, Big Oil and the Attack on U.S. Democracy.” Here, in an exclusive excerpt, Scott looks at how official history ignores the real dynamics in play.

White House Security Goes to the Dogs

Once again, a supposed lone nut has leapt over the White House fence. This one didn’t make it into the White House like the last intruder—security dogs took him down. Here’s a look at the increasingly long list of breaches piling up at President Obama’s White House.

Cuba Ebola hero, atheist scores, GOP con returns—and more headlines

• Cuba leads in Ebola relief

• $2 million award to atheist who nixed prison religious program

• GOP ‘con’ man surfaces in close CO election

And more headlines…

America’s Policy: War Now, Justifications Later

When describing threats to American national security, the go-to word for U.S. officials is “imminent.” The definition behind that term of art isn’t a standard one, though. And it often amounts to a license to kill.

What Venezuela’s UN Seat Illuminates About US Hypocrisy

Venezuela’s ascendancy to the UN Security Council is prompting a fusillade of criticism from the U.S. That’s predictable enough. But the media coverage of Venezuela’s human rights record reveals an interesting aspect of America—selective national blindness about the very same record at home.

fbiPhone: This Violates Your Privacy. Again.

FBI Director James Comey, with a straight face, is arguing that the encryption in new iPhones and other mobile devices is so powerful that it’s hindering crime-fighting. He’s even given this latest purported public safety threat a menacing new name: “Going Dark.” Your selfies may never be safe again.

New Fukushima terror, Voter Fraud Fraud, Michelle dances with turnip—and more headlines

• New Fukushima disaster ignored by MSM

• “Voter fraud” is…a fraud, says Reagan judge

• Michelle Obama dances with a turnip

And more headlines…

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