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Labor Day: Images From the Great Depression and the WPA

In honor of Labor Day, a look back at a path of national rejuvenation.

Foggy Memories Obscure Forebears of Ferguson Unrest

When looking at the aggressive, almost military police response to unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, a big dose of collective amnesia makes it easy to forget that the United States has been here before. And may yet be there again.

How US helped ISIS, end to after-hours emails, how Reagan launched mass spying—and more headlines

• US decision aided ISIS success

• No more after-hours calls/emails from boss?

• Reagan executive order that launched mass spying

And more headlines…

Curious Car Crashes: Louis Freeh, The Man With The Secrets

When a man like Louis Freeh has a car crash, it may be a plain old accident. And then again, it may not be.

Why Journalist’s “Staged” Beheading Matters

The beheading of James Foley has made the freelance journalist the subject of a spate of news coverage, and a central part of the story about America going back to war in Iraq. Questions about whether his killing was staged matter, and here’s why.

Hillary War Hawk, How Foley Helped Others, Spooks Tip Off Tor—And More Headlines

• Hillary a war hawk, says Rand Paul

• Foley did not die in vain

• Spooks tip off Tor to privacy software bugs

And more headlines…

Counterinsurgency in the U.S.A: The RadioWHO Podcast Premiere

The RadioWHO podcast debuts with host Guillermo Jimenez and WhoWhatWhy reporter Douglas Lucas. Tune in for an engaging discussion about how the U.S.-Mexico drug war morphed into a counterinsurgency campaign, phone hacking and the suspicious surveillance carried out against Lucas.

Deep Politics for Lunch

When authors like these gather for lunch, you can be sure deep politics is on the menu.

UK Cops Almost Never Fire, New Fracking Health Worry, Homeless Savings —and More Headlines

• Here’s how many times UK cops fired last year: 3

• Fracking chemicals toxic to humans, says study

• Savings accounts for homeless

And more headlines…

Missouri Burning: When the Army Isn’t More Firepower

The Ferguson riots are making American history, but not in the way you’d think. It may be the first time that calling in the National Guard doesn’t represent an escalation of firepower from police levels.

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