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The Secret Service’s Open-Door Policy

The Secret Service cordon around President Obama is looking more like a sieve after two security breaches in as many days. The most serious one involved a former soldier getting into the front door. He’d already been stopped outside the White House a month before—carrying a hatchet. Is he another “lone nut” to be dismissed or a sign of something else?

Saudi Connections to ISIS? Nah, Can’t Be True After 9/11…

In the march toward a war that we’re told is not a war with ISIS, there’s renewed focus on Saudi Arabia’s ties to militant Islam and 9/11. The American failure to use evidence of the Saudi elite’s involvement in 9/11 is looking like a big reason why the U.S. is back at it in Iraq.

US Intel Harms Palestinians, Amazing Leader Dude, Beer Monopoly—and More Headlines

• American intel data worsening Palestinian plight?

• World’s most idealistic president

• Crying in your beer: Busch-Miller consolidation

And more headlines…

Occupy’s $4M Shot Across the Bow of Student Lenders

The Occupy movement just wiped out $4 million in student debt. It’s a drop in a $1.2 trillion bucket, but it’s a start toward tackling what could be another economic bubble waiting to explode.

Russia’s Ukraine Maneuvers May Be a Push Toward … Peace

The Western rhetoric against Russia’s involvement in Ukraine has been nothing short of bellicose. Yet Moscow’s apparent aggression may be designed to forge the peace Russia wants.

Germany Leads On Alt-Energy; Car Texting Block; Most Embarrassing Interview—And More Headlines

• Germany races ahead with alternative energy

• Technology blocks texting while driving

• Most awkward political interview ever

And more headlines…

COMING UP: Russ Baker Speaking at Warren Commission Conferences

WhoWhatWhy Editor-in-Chief Russ Baker is speaking at two conferences marking the 50th anniversary of the Warren Commission Report on the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Read on for details about the Sept. 27 appearances, and what Russ is going to be talking about.

US, Ukraine or Middle East? Ferguson Images Made It Hard to Tell

Images from Ferguson, Missouri, underline disturbing parallels between unrest in the US, the Middle East or elsewhere in a world where attitudes toward “people power” depend on who the people are and who is in power.

Fracking Sick, Social Media vs Dissent, JFK Vietnam insight—and More Headlines

• JFK criticized aides over Vietnam

• Social media actually stifles dissent

• Fracking sickens residents

And more headlines…

UPDATE: Louis Freeh’s Curious Car Accident

An update on the strange one-car crash involving ex-FBI chief Louis Freeh. He nearly took out several motorists. An unidentified FBI man materialized quickly at the rural scene. And more curiosities.

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