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UK Cops Almost Never Fire, New Fracking Health Worry, Homeless Savings —and More Headlines

• Here’s how many times UK cops fired last year: 3

• Fracking chemicals toxic to humans, says study

• Savings accounts for homeless

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Missouri Burning: When the Army Isn’t More Firepower

The Ferguson riots are making American history, but not in the way you’d think. It may be the first time that calling in the National Guard doesn’t represent an escalation of firepower from police levels.

RadioWHO: We Aren’t Getting Real News

Are we getting real news? Not unless we pick apart the manipulations foisted on the public by the government and the media. Tune in for Russ Baker’s how-to guide.

Cable Bribes, Fake GOP news, Texas Non-Miracle—and More Headlines

• Cable guys “honor” FCC overseer

• Fake GOP news sites

• “Texas Miracle” and the dead and injured

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Putting a 9/11 Mystery on the Ballot

Can a piece of the continuing 9/11 mystery be resolved by a local ballot initiative? One man and his hardy band think so.

Koch Bros Buy Off Hispanic Votes, Socialist Zillionaires, GOP Hillary—and More Headlines

• Koch Brothers Buy Off Hispanic voters

• How Socialist Hugo Chavez’s Friends Got Rich

• Hillary Clinton Sounding Republican

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BOSTON UPDATE: Boston Globe Reports on Its Own Bombing Reporting, Sort Of

The Boston Globe reported on its own marathon bombing reporting, as quantified by an expert witness for accused bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. The Globe is a little selective about which criticisms of its journalism made it into the story.

CONTEXT: Iraq—Just the Tip of the Spear

The U.S. is back in Iraq—but it’s only airstrikes, according to President Obama. That’s the casual sex of warfare, after a long marriage to Iraq and the messy, costly divorce. Here’s a little reminder of what to watch out for on all-too-familiar territory.

A New Snowden at Work, GMOs “OK”?, Zero Voter Fraud—and More Headlines

• A new Snowden

• Voter impersonation almost nonexistent

• Science guy not worried about GMOs

And more headlines…

BOSTON UPDATE: Another Tsarnaev Friend Arrested, Another Government Leak

Stephen Silva, a friend of accused Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, pleaded not guilty to federal drug and gun charges. Publicly, the authorities say his arrest has nothing to do with the Boston Marathon bombing. So why are anonymous law enforcement sources saying Silva had the pistol Tsarnaev and his brother used to murder a police officer and shoot at others?

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