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Koch Bros Buy Off Hispanic Votes, Socialist Zillionaires, GOP Hillary—and More Headlines

• Koch Brothers Buy Off Hispanic voters

• How Socialist Hugo Chavez’s Friends Got Rich

• Hillary Clinton Sounding Republican

And more headlines…

A New Snowden at Work, GMOs “OK”?, Zero Voter Fraud—and More Headlines

• A new Snowden

• Voter impersonation almost nonexistent

• Science guy not worried about GMOs

And more headlines…

Jimmy Carter on Israel and Hamas, Jogger Suspicions, Football Evangelism—and More Headlines

• Jimmy Carter on Hamas and Israel

• If you stretch while jogging, Homeland Security eyes you

• NY Giants’ religious right outreach

And more headlines…

How Fantasy Obama Impeachment Benefits Both Parties—and more headlines

• Fantasy Obama impeachment scenario stoked by both parties

• Toughest bill yet offered vs. NSA telephone record collection

• Big money available for candidates who…oppose big money

And more headlines…

Obama opens East Coast to oil exploration—and more headlines

• Obama opens East Coast to oil exploration

• Military device used against Detroit protesters

• Pickpocket remembers good old days

And more headlines…

Pitchforks Coming for Us Plutocrats, Says Tycoon—and More Headlines

• Pitchforks coming for us plutocrats, says tycoon

• Max Blumenthal on Israeli right wing

• Snowden says can handle Guantanamo

And more headlines…

Meet the Self-Guiding Bullet—and More Headlines

• Did U.S. cause Latin American violence that sent kids rushing to border?

• U.S. tests revolutionary self-guiding bullet

• New study finds GMO health risks

And more headlines…

ClassicWHO: Why Petraeus Takedown May Have Been an Inside Job

In this repost of a story we first ran last year, Douglas Lucas and Russ Baker examined exclusively obtained documents that suggest CIA Director David Petraeus may have been given a push to start his fall from grace. A relevant story now, given where the general has landed on his feet.

Cheney Blames Iraq on….Obama—and more headlines

• Cheney blames Iraq on….Obama

• Mexican youths warehoused on U.S. border

• Death of the American shopping center

And more headlines…

Is Soccer Un-Islamic—and More Headlines

• Soccer un-Islamic, says Egyptian cleric

• Chelsea Manning on U.S. military lies to American public

• He hacked Bush 41 and 43 emails

And more headlines…

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