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Hillary War Hawk, How Foley Helped Others, Spooks Tip Off Tor—And More Headlines

• Hillary a war hawk, says Rand Paul

• Foley did not die in vain

• Spooks tip off Tor to privacy software bugs

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Deep Politics for Lunch

When authors like these gather for lunch, you can be sure deep politics is on the menu.

UK Cops Almost Never Fire, New Fracking Health Worry, Homeless Savings —and More Headlines

• Here’s how many times UK cops fired last year: 3

• Fracking chemicals toxic to humans, says study

• Savings accounts for homeless

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Koch Bros Buy Off Hispanic Votes, Socialist Zillionaires, GOP Hillary—and More Headlines

• Koch Brothers Buy Off Hispanic voters

• How Socialist Hugo Chavez’s Friends Got Rich

• Hillary Clinton Sounding Republican

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A New Snowden at Work, GMOs “OK”?, Zero Voter Fraud—and More Headlines

• A new Snowden

• Voter impersonation almost nonexistent

• Science guy not worried about GMOs

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Jimmy Carter on Israel and Hamas, Jogger Suspicions, Football Evangelism—and More Headlines

• Jimmy Carter on Hamas and Israel

• If you stretch while jogging, Homeland Security eyes you

• NY Giants’ religious right outreach

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How Fantasy Obama Impeachment Benefits Both Parties—and more headlines

• Fantasy Obama impeachment scenario stoked by both parties

• Toughest bill yet offered vs. NSA telephone record collection

• Big money available for candidates who…oppose big money

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Obama opens East Coast to oil exploration—and more headlines

• Obama opens East Coast to oil exploration

• Military device used against Detroit protesters

• Pickpocket remembers good old days

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Pitchforks Coming for Us Plutocrats, Says Tycoon—and More Headlines

• Pitchforks coming for us plutocrats, says tycoon

• Max Blumenthal on Israeli right wing

• Snowden says can handle Guantanamo

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Meet the Self-Guiding Bullet—and More Headlines

• Did U.S. cause Latin American violence that sent kids rushing to border?

• U.S. tests revolutionary self-guiding bullet

• New study finds GMO health risks

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