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James Huang

White House gate-crasher Omar Gonzalez

The Secret Service’s Open-Door Policy

Sep 22, 2014 by

The Secret Service cordon around President Obama is looking more like a sieve after two security breaches in as many days. The most serious one involved a former soldier getting into the front door. He’d already been stopped outside the White House a month before—carrying a hatchet. Is he another “lone nut” to be dismissed reflexively or a sign of something else?

Deep Politics

COMING UP: Russ Baker Speaking at Warren Commission Conferences

Sep 14, 2014 by

WhoWhatWhy Editor-in-Chief Russ Baker is speaking at two conferences marking the 50th anniversary of the Warren Commission Report on the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Read on for details about the Sept. 27 appearances, and what Russ is going to be talking about.

The Ruins of WTC Building 7
Deep Politics, Rights

UPDATE: Petition to Put 9/11 Probe on NYC Ballot Jumps Big Hurdle

Sep 06, 2014 by

An initiative to solve the mystery of the 9/11 collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 leapt over a big obstacle this week. New York City conceded that the High-Rise Safety Initiative has enough signatures to put a measure to investigate all high-rise building collapses since 9/11 on the ballot. But one more challenge still must be met.

Hold for review, Media Fail, Police State, Politics, Rights, Surveillance State

Deep Politics for Lunch

Aug 21, 2014 by

When authors like these gather for lunch, you can be sure deep politics is on the menu.

Gen. David Petraeus and Paula Broadwell

ClassicWHO: Why Petraeus Takedown May Have Been an Inside Job

Jun 25, 2014 by

In this repost of a story we first ran last year, Douglas Lucas and Russ Baker examined exclusively obtained documents that suggest CIA Director David Petraeus may have been given a push to start his fall from grace. A relevant story now, given where the general has landed on his feet.

Boston Bombing Investigation, Deep Politics, Rights, War & Peace

RadioWHO: Russ Baker on Chicago’s Stocks and Jocks Radio

Jun 15, 2014 by

WhoWhatWhy’s Russ Baker talks with Stocks and Jocks radio’s Kevin Riordan and Kathy Dervin about how the brewing Iraq crisis should be no surprise to anyone—least of all the government. Tune in to the wide-ranging interview to hear Russ go deep on topics like the JFK assassination, the Boston Marathon Bombing, and the pattern that ties all American wars together

Deep Politics, Police State, Rights

RadioWho: Russ Baker Talks to Traces of Reality Radio about Todashev Killing

Jun 05, 2014 by

WhoWhatWhy’s Russ Baker joins Guillermo Jimenez of Traces of Reality Radio to analyze the killing of Ibragim Todashev by FBI Agent Aaron McFarlane and other strange elements of the official story about the Boston Marathon Bombing.

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The “Other Guy” is not Stupid

Apr 14, 2014 by

It’s time for some Monday morning philosophy, and a question: Do you find yourself occasionally doubting the intelligence of your political opposites? You wouldn’t be unusual—but you may also be wrong. In a world that spits political bombast like chewing tobacco, is it possible that the “other guy” is as helpful as you are?

Media Fail, Police State, Politics, Rights

WGBH-TV in Boston interviews Russ Baker on “Danny”

Mar 24, 2014 by

TV journalist Emily Rooney recently interviewed WhoWhatWhy’s Russ Baker about “Danny,” the mysterious carjacking victim in the Boston Marathon case. A point-by-point breakdown of big discrepancies Baker uncovered during an exclusive investigation of Danny’s story.

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No Comment Necessary

Feb 23, 2014 by

A fracking well explodes, killing a worker, and a fire burns for days. Read Chevron’s nifty solution for the neighbors.