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FBI Sat Back While Snitch Directed Cyber-Attacks and Potentially Entrapped Others

Recently leaked chat logs reveal that an FBI informant was guiding criminal cyber-attacks and that the FBI may have lied regarding what—and when—it knew about hacking operations.

Todashev’s Killer: No Wonder His Identity Was Secret

The FBI agent who fatally shot a friend of one of the accused Boston marathon bombers has a record tarnished by accusations of police brutality and misleading statements. It’s just another bombing-related secret the federal government doesn’t want the public to know.

US Firms Target Legal Dissidents Abroad

When Uncle Sam’s allies want to spy on people—even U.S. citizens—help is only a web page away. A new report has unveiled a shadowy world of online vendors all too willing to share their hacking expertise to any government willing to pay.

Government Drops Charges Related to Link-Sharing Against Barrett Brown

The government must’ve gotten the memo—prosecuting journalists for linking in the digital age isn’t the best PR.

BREAKING: Leaked recording—Ukrainian Opposition Shoots Its Own

Listen to a recorded telephone conversation about evidence that a sniper who shot protestors in Kiev was actually hired by the opposition itself.

Why Obama Can’t Withhold Military Aid from Egypt

As Cairo burns and the American president tries to say anything but “coup”, the Washington chatterati are agreed that Egypt is just too precious a commodity to give up in the name of human rights. They’re right, but geopolitics has less to do with it than profits.

What Was Hastings Working On?

Just hours before his death, Michael Hastings sent off an ominous email saying that the FBI was investigating him “re: NSA.” Why were the Feds probing this noted investigative reporter? And what might his death have to do with Edward Snowden, now in exile, and Barrett Brown, facing a century in jail?

Barrett Brown Update: New Defense Team, Feds Fish For Activists

Some sinister—and some intriguing—new developments in the prosecution (persecution?) of Barrett Brown.

Outside the Box Video Series: Psywar

Documentary that intimately details the history of propaganda

Outside the Box Video Series: The Men Who Killed Kennedy

This year is the 50th anniversary of JFK’s death. His life—and the story behind his death—are as relevant as ever. This documentary explores theories about the assassination—and is full of surprises.

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