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ClassicWHY: The Bill Hicks Documentary



If you’ve never heard of Bill Hicks, it’s well worth becoming familiar with this unique comic talent and social critic—and how he opened people’s eyes before his untimely death. Click above to watch the documentary trailer, and to watch the full film via subscription, go here.




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  • skeptical

    Yes, people can die from cancer in their early 30s. Yes, this can happen. Yes, this does happen. But when it happens to someone who is as dangerous to the Establishment as Bill Hicks was, one can’t help but asking: Was this cancer a random event that struck him down, or was he assassinated? The CIA has long had the capacity to “cancer” people (Jack Ruby was likely murdered this way), as well as to “heart attack” people. Assassinating people through disease is the ultimate method – even better than “suiciding” people – because disease happens all the time for non-sinister reasons and thus such deaths raise few if any eyebrows.

    • Frank von Winkhorst

      The dumbing down of America has progressed to the point that an obvious bomb in the car of a newsman can be rationalized as some kind of accident despite the lack of any evidence that the car in question ever struck the tree it was supposed to have hit, and the projection of the engine 100 feet down the roadway, described by one “skeptic” on a “liberal” news site as a “safety feature.”

      • skeptical

        Yes, I agree. The gullibility is incredible. For anyone who is interested, here is a link to a small portion of a Congressional hearing (in 1975, I believe) that exposes the CIA’s “heart attack” gun. There is no doubt that the CIA has learned to “weaponize” cancer cells as well. What these weapons mean is that the CIA can assassinate domestic political irritants with virtually total impunity. Why this has not created outrage on the part of the public (and politicians) is utterly beyond me.

  • soularddave

    “They don’t want you to talk about ideas on TV”.

    I guess that’s why we’re here?

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