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PODCAST with Russ Baker on CIA Nominee John Brennan


Russ Baker interviewed by Pat Thurston of the major West Coast station KGO. They discuss disturbing aspects of CIA director-designee John Brennan; inconsistencies in what we have been told about the Abbottabad Raid that, we are told, bagged Osama bin Laden; the peculiar breaching of Obama’s passport records; the JFK assassination, propaganda, and more.

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  • JED

    thanks Russ, good stuff….NFL aside….lol.

    Brennan is part of the corrupt continuum that runs foreign policy in this country. He is a big player in our own unique US propaganda machine.

    Gulf of Tonkin
    Vietnam and so many other states undermined by US
    Drug running CIA
    Mena, AR

    and of course, 911/Anthrax attacks

    I feel most Americans are sadly ignorant of US history

    With his Saudi connections, you can imagine his fingerprints all
    all over the 911 operation. The idea that he was installed
    in the WH with Obama shows this continuum in all its glory.

    There is no accountability for our national (in)security state.

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