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PODCAST: Russ Baker on George HW Bush, guns, news timing, Syria and more

In this interview with host Pat Thurston on the popular San Francisco-based KGO, Russ discusses less- publicized aspects of George HW Bush’s life, makes new enemies over guns, explains why timing is everything in the news business, and laments the media’s failure to level with the public over Syria. Plus more.

Please click below to listen:

PODCAST: Russ Baker on George HW Bush, guns, news timing, Syria and more




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  • News Nag

    Transcripts, please! No time to listen to them. BTW, I’m a transcriptionist.

    • Russ

      Great, if you’re a transcriptionist, please DO transcribe. Of course, if you have no time to listen, not sure how you’re able to make your transcripts. LOL

  • disgvnv

    how long for the transcript?

    • Russ

      ok, so who’s volunteering to transcribe podcasts? this is a non-profit, folks–we depend on participation