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Documentary Trailer, Hole in the Head: A Life Revealed

A stunning revelation

This short documentary trailer will stun you, disturb you, and move you. A mind-boggling story of America’s ugly past, unknown in the present. View with caution.


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  • Frankmullen1

    Man’s inhumanity to man, when will it stop?

    • CQ

      Maybe  when man realizes that doing the same dastardly things to animals every day, for profit and pleasure and power, has the same chilling effect upon our humanity.

      What a beautiful testament this merciful man is to true manhood.

  • Strictw_c

    Every time I watch this I cry.   This, the Tuskegee experiment and many other unreported atrocities are just as horrifying as the things the nazi’s did to the Jews.   It was all formulated by the Eugenic society, which is where the nazis got their ideas.   

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  • mslivey

    What kind of thing does this to human beings? Evil spirits. These kind of documentaries should be integrated into
    school’s curriculum-social, history, etc.